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At California Custom Golf located in St George, Utah, we work with you, one on one, to perfect all aspects of your golf game.  Our professional golf instruction provides Golf lessons St George, Cedar City and Mesquite, Nevada. We, not only craft customized PXG and Miura golf clubs, but also provide personal golf instruction to hone your game – whether you want to add distance to your drives, work on shaping the ball, improve the precision of your approach to the green, or refine your putting. Our spacious facility allows us to work on both your long game and short game, and we can work on your game as a whole, or address specific areas. We can use video analysis, as well as training aids and practice plans, and we use the TrackMan Launch Radar System – the most specific ball flight software currently available for golf lessons St George, Cedar City, and Mesquite Nevada.

All golf lessons and professional instruction in St George is conducted by Carson Joens. Carson has been playing golf since he was three years old and teaching since he was 15. Formerly one of the lead instructors at Half Moon Bay Golf Links, he gave up his “Amateur Status” in 2012 and has since been teaching and playing in professional golf tournaments. Call or email today to schedule your lessons:

Golf lessons St George

The report~$200.00 **Most popular**

18 Holes at the golf course of your choice in St George Utah. This will be played in tournament format so that I can see the way you play in tight situations. Some people like to use me as a caddy during this round, other players will have me play against them in a match. During this round, I will be taking notes and scoring you on different aspects of your game, and delivering a complete report card following the round. This is the best way to start our relationship between player and coach. This way I can learn about your game and plan focus points for our future lessons. A full report card will have categories such as Driving, Approach, Chipping, Putting, Green Reading, Shot Shaping, Course Management, Mental Strength, Pace of Play, Fairway Bunker Play, Green side Bunker Play as well as multiple others. This must be booked no less than 7 days in advance.

Hourly Lesson $75.00/hour ($40.00/half hour)

One hour full swing lesson with Carson Joens at California Custom Golf in St George, Utah. Full access to Trackman Launch Radar and video swing analysis software. 30-minute lessons are also available for $40/half hour.

Scorecard $600.00 Great for families!

Are you trying to break 70? 80? 90? 100? Whatever your goal is, this could be the turning point in your golf career. I will show you how to manage your way around a course, and save shots throughout the round. You will receive a Punch Card with 20 punches, one punch for each 30-minute lesson, or 4 punches for 9 holes of on-course instruction. This will also give you access to “The Report” (see above) for half price. 10 Punch Scorecard available for $350

Club Champion $345

These two lessons take place on the course of your choice. For those of you who are determined to win a specific tournament at your course. I will teach you how to play the course “smart” and save as many strokes as possible. Report cards are available for each round at your request.If a caddy is allowed in the event, we can discuss the possibility of Carson Joens on your bag for the event.

Infinity Series

30-minute lessons for the whole month! This is great for those of you who like to come over during your lunch break, or even a quick warm-up to your afternoon round of golf. Please book your lessons no more than 48 hours in advance.

1 month (7 lesson max)= $200

3 months (21 lesson max)= $500

6 months (42 lesson max)= $900

Junior Golfers ~ 17 Years or Younger

Saint George is full of amazing junior players. I am here to help all of the local juniors not only get better but learn how to have fun on the golf course while respecting the rules and pace of play. The best place for a kid to learn is on an actual course, so I always suggest setting up on course lessons 7+ days in advance.

Hourly Junior Lesson Prices= $45/ Hour or $30/ Half Hour.

On Course Lessons= $6.50/Hole

On Course Punch Card= 108 Holes (6 full rounds) for $500

Junior Golf Camps: Dates and rates to come later in the year.

The Career (Prices Negotiated)

If you are hoping to become a Junior Golf Champion, High School Champion, NCAA Athlete or even turn Professional, this is the place for you. This is only for people that are committed to becoming “Great” in the sport of golf. CAREER members need to pay attention to extremely small detail, which sometimes means meeting 4-5 days/week even if only for 10-15 minutes. This is a negotiable contract based on your goals and schedule. A sit-down interview is required to be considered for this program.

California Custom Golf. “Custom” is our middle name!