Golf Club Repairs

We strive to provide the fastest and most affordable golf club repair around. California Custom Golf can offer almost any grip or shaft that is available on the market today. For the quickest turnaround time, call ahead to make sure we have the items you need in stock; if they are out of stock we can normally order them to be there within 1-2 business days.

To play at your best, your golf clubs should be in top condition. At California Custom Golf we can take care of your existing clubs, as well as crafting new ones. It’s all part of the service. Whether we are fitting you for a new club, providing a custom lesson plan to perfect your game, crafting your ideal set of clubs, or tending to your old faithful irons and woods, we are here to help you get the most from your game.

In our workshops here in Saint George, Utah, we can repair or adapt golf clubs as you require, including:

Grips: Cost of grip + $0.00 installation fee

Check Loft/Lie: $0.00

Shorten Club: Cost of grip + $0.00 to shorten

Check Swingweight: $0.00

Loft/Lie adjustment: $3.00/club

Sharpen Grooves: $10.00/club

Lengthen Club: $15.00 + cost of grip

Reshaft: $10.00/club + Cost of shaft

Spine Align Shaft: $10.00/club

Swingweight Adjustment: $15.00/club

Install Sensicore: $20.00/club + cost of grip

Engrave your clubs: $4.00/character

Paint Fill: $10.00/Club, virtually any color!

Custom Ferrule: $15.00/Club, virtually any color!

Refurbish: Starting at $20.00/club

California Custom Golf. “Custom” is our middle name!